Diagnosis & Management of AKI & Management of Animals Using Intermitted Hemodialysis (IHD)

These guidelines are constructed by working groups. The working groups have generated recommendations in all aspects of AKI and intermitted hemodialysis. A formal consensus method will be used to validate the recommendations in two steps: 1) the statements will be circulated among all IRIS members which will review the statements and make comments and suggestions. 2) 12-15 experts will review the statements, send comments, and finally vote based on their level of support using a scale: “strongly agree,” “agree,” “neutral,” “disagree,” or “strongly disagree.” Anonymity will be maintained by preforming the ballots by a third party. To achieve a consensus, a minimum of 75% of the voting participants have to choose either “strongly agree” or “agree.”

The voting process has been completed for the IHD guidelines and will take place within the next few weeks for the AKI guidelines. Once completed, an explanatory text will be added to the statements and the final documented will be published.